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11 Things I Learned From My 1-11 Wedding

This is for my brides-to-be out there. Tidbits of things I learned from my wedding.

1. Etsy has the most amazing and unique wedding items!

2. Check, double check and triple check that your DJ knows what you are looking for.  A rehearsal is not a bad idea if you have a special entrance. It’s best to provide in advance, an outline with the reception agenda (including father/daughter and mother/son songs), preferred song list and don’t forget the DO NOT PLAY list as well!

3. Arrange to have light bites and soft drinks available while getting ready.  Brides are notorious for not eating the day of their wedding and this will only lead to feeling faint and famished.

4. It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony, so when our photographer asked us if we wanted to see each other before the ceremony for some photo opps, we said “NO WAY!!!”  Looking back, I realize why she asked and wish we would have changed our minds considering we only had a 5 hour reception.  We opted to take an hour after the ceremony (during the cocktail hour for our guests) to have posed photos of us, our families and wedding party.  It was rushed and cut our reception time which was over in a blink!  By the time we had our introductions, ate, speeches, dances, cake cutting…more photos and making our rounds to each table we missed the best part of our party…the dancing!  I am confident that taking photos before the ceremony would have been just as beautiful and captured the emotions of seeing each other for the first time.  I would even say they might have been better as we would have been alone, more relaxed and had the opportunity to get some more artsy/creative poses.

5. Do a receiving line to make the most of your time.  Going table to table to thank your guests is wonderful if you have a longer reception.  However if you don’t, precious time slips away as you get caught up in each conversation.  You may not even get to everyone’s table OR the dance floor!  A receiving line lets you thank each and every guest in a time conscious manner.

6. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding day; things will go wrong and believe it or not, people will complain.  Don’t take it personal, don’t stress and remember the reason for this day is to celebrate the true love of your life.  It’s an amazing feeling and nothing should interfere with that!

7. Embrace and cherish every single moment of your wedding day: the laughter of your flower girls, your mothers smile, your fathers arm around yours and the feeling of your first kiss as husband and wife.

8. Remember to touch up your makeup (especially powder and lipstick) through out the day and evening…you will thank me when you get your pictures back.  Had I known, I would have put a bridesmaid in charge of makeup checks.

9. Do not loose sight of your marriage license/certificate. Have a family member collect this after the ceremony.

10. Best marriage advice: “Never use the word “you” when fighting”

11. When people say “The marriage is for you and the wedding is for everyone else” BELIEVE THEM!


  1. Laurie Thompson says:

    Ananda!! Congratulation on getting married!! This is a great write-up and FANTASTIC advice. We’ve just recently gotten through my daughter’s wedding and so much of what you said rang true for her and her new husband.

    Happy forever to you and Mr. Lawson :) And ladies, listen to Ananda!!

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